Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas 2007 and New Year's 2008

We once again had two Christmases this year, but all in one day! (Like Thanksgiving) Bill and I had Christmas with my family in the morning, then got dressed and drove up to his family's to open presents there.

Bill got me a new iPod and a replacement battery for my portable DVD player (my other one was broken, or more correctly broke when it fell off the bed.)

I got Bill an old XBOX and Halo as he has been wanting to play Halo again for a long time. Also, I got him a new .22 Rifle for target shooting.

The biggest present was the new super gaming computer my mom had built for Bill for Christmas. He was so excited to open the biggest present "under" the tree. Apparently my mom is trying to show Bill that he truly is spoiled now that he is part of our family. (He argues that he isn't.) He loves the computer and brags to all his online friends about all the cool stuff in his computer.

My parents bought me a new pink digital camera and lots of books and DVDs that I have been wanting. It helps to pass the time commuting back and forth to work. We have these really nice buses (kind of like a charter bus) on which I can plug in my DVD player and watch shows and movies all the way to work. Veronica Mars is my newest favorite, but sadly it has already been cancelled and I can only watch the same three seasons over and over.

We spent New Year's with Bill's parents. The time was spent mostly playing Guitar Hero and eating lots of good food. Zoey (the puppy) didn't like staying up so late. She slept whenever anyone would leave her alone long enough. I don't think she gets the whole hoopla of New Year's Eve.