Monday, June 30, 2008

Tagged by Kim - "Two's"

Two Names I Go By: Lisa, Doll (my dad has called me this forever, and still does)
Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: Blue Sweater (it was laundry day two days ago and I didn't get to it), Black Slacks
Two Of Your Favorite Things To Do: Read, Play Lord of the Rings Online with my husband
Two Things You Want Very Badly At This Moment: To not be at work, to have a house of my own
Two Favorite Pets: Zoey, she's my only pet right now, but I also like Pava, who died when I was little
Two People Who Will Fill This Out: Kim (who already did) and Leanne (who started this)
Two Things You Did Last Night: Went swimming in my mom's pool, made Hamburger Helper for dinner.
Two Things You Ate Today: Crispix, Grilled Ham & Cheese (from Hires Big H)
Two Last People You Talked To: My husband, Co-worker - Trisha
Two Longest Car Rides: Mesquite (because of the heat), Logan (because it seems so far these days)
Two Favorite Vacations: Disneyland, LC Ranch
Two Favorite Drinks: Gatorade - Fruit Punch, Ice Water

People to Tag: Everyone did it already!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Mini City!

I have been watching Leanne's mini city grow and wanted one of my own, so I created one. Please help me out by clicking on this link once a day (if you can).

Also, help out Leanne!

It is kind of fun to see the improvements with each new day.

Thanks for your help!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The "NEWS" and Some Other Stuff

The "NEWS" is that my sister Kacie is engaged! I've told only a few people, but it is official with a ring and everything. Her fiance is named Anthony Nyman and though I'm still not sure what I think about him, I'm happy for Kacie and wish her all the best in life. There is no official date yet, but their thoughts are to wait until Spring 2009.

Graduation went off without a hitch and Kacie did actually graduate! Hallelujah... A great relief for my mom. It was fun to get to see all the kids I worked with at the high school and all Kacie's "little" friends from long ago all grown up and graduating into the real world. Her friends from elementary school will always to little to me (although they are all taller than me by miles at this point!)
My Aunt Ramona and her two friends came to visit for the whole week of graduation, so we had to play hosts for a whole week. It is always good to see my Aunt since she lives in California and only comes out for special occasions (the last being my wedding two years ago!). They all left Sunday and things will hopefully get back to normal now.

That's all for now, but I'll probably post some more thoughts this afternoon.