Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sea World Vacation

Bill and decided it was time for a vacation. I had never been to Sea World and Bill said I would like it, so that was the decision. We drove down on Wednesday last week and came back Sunday morning. We spent all day Thursday at Sea World. Here are some pictures:

Flamingoes in the Lagoon. My dad has always been a fan of flamingoes... so this was for him.

A sea turtle just for Kacie. We have two turtles at our house that Kacie has had since first grade, so we have always had a draw to turtles of any kind.

Our favorite part was the dolphins. We made quick friends with them before the show started. This guy swam right up to the side of the pool and splashed us with his tail! I got soaked... and the show hadn't started yet!

Here he is waving at us... before the splash...

We got to take a picture with a dolphin after the show. This is Kenny. They had him jump up on the glass and pose for the picture... it was quite an experience! (Sorry for the bad picture, but it is a picture of a picture... didn't have time to scan it yet.)

Second on my favorites list were the penguins.... who doesn't love penguins! They are so energentic and cute. I got a lot more pictures for Kacie... she loves penguins too.

This was what we did when we weren't out having fun in the real world. Sadly, we didn't get to finish the puzzle. I never have time to do things like puzzles when I have to be at home and working. (Notice Bill in the mirror in the background playing solitaire on his phone!)

Video of the Manatee Rescue at Lunchtime - Aren't they cute!

This was our first trip together outside of Utah for any long period of time. (The only other was a weekedn trip to Mesquite.) We spent day one at Sea World, then on Friday, we drove up to Oceanside so Bill could show me where they lived while they lived down there. Bill also took me down to the harbor in Oceanside but the beach looked to cold to really go out and see the water up close. Saturday, we chose to basically veg in the room and rent movies and order delivery. We found a great place to order from called Oggi's Pizza and Brewery. We also had to eat at all the places we don't have in Utah that we both miss i.e. Jack in the Box, Tommy's Burgers, In-N-Out Burger. We do love our burgers!

Bill drove the whole way down going near 90 mph and never got caught. Saturday night, we decided to get a jump on the drive home and left San Diego around 10 pm and drive through the night. Pulling into St George for gas, Bill got caught going 86 in a 60 mph zone! He got a ticket for only 11 over, but this was his first ticket ever! Lucky....

All in all this was a pretty fun trip and it was good to get out of the house for awhile and see new things.