Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Google Image Tag

Here's how it works: answer 15 questions about yourself and then do a Google Image Search for those things. Post the pictures you find by your answers.

My Bad Habit: Popping/cracking my knuckles.

My First Job: Data Entry

Where I Attended College: Utah State University (had to find a snowy picture....)

My Current Employer: State of Utah, Office of Recovery Services

My Favorite Food: Potatoes... served any way... mashed with gravy is probably my favorite.

My Favorite Animal: Dogs, especially cute pugs, like mine!

My Favorite Color: Navy Blue - color at my wedding, Aggie blue... etc.

Where I Was Born: Payson, Utah

Where I Met My Spouse: Yahoo Personals... yes, we met online first.

My Last Name: Tarbox

My Age: 25

My Nickname: Frogger, my dad has called me this since I was little, but no relation to the game .

Place I would Love Visit: Ireland

My Favorite Place in Utah: LC Ranch - This is where we spent our Honeymoon and two of our three anniversaries since!

My Favorite Thing: Spending time doing things with my husband like playing Lord of the Rings Online together.

I would tag Kim, but with a new baby and all, that just wouldn't be right... so do this one if you read mine! (and please leave a comment, so I can read yours too...)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alphabet Tag

Here's how you play... Donna (a friend from year's back) tagged me with the letter "N". So now I have to list 10 things I love that start with that letter. So here it goes…...

1. Neon - as in Dodge Neon, my first car. It was a great little car, until my sister killed it!

2. New York - this is where my husband is from and where I hope to get to visit some day.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas - One of our favorite movies from my childhood. Kind of creepy, but the music was great!

4. Night - I love the night, usually I have to sleep through it, but on the weekends we stay up late playing video games.

5. Notes - as in music notes. I love music! Listening to it, playing it.... it has been a big part of my life now and forever.

6. Nerds - I am a nerd... just ask my husband! I was always the brain in school and not one of the popular kid. My friend and I used to compete over who had the higher percentage "A" grade! Also, lets not forget the ever popular candy... one of my favorites to this day!

7. Nuts - my favorites are peanuts, cashews, and macadamias.

8. Nissan - this one is for my husband. He is a fan of all cars Nissan and we now own only Nissans in our family (see previous post).

9. Noodles - since I met my husband, we have had more pasta (noodles) then I had in my whole life before he came along. Spaghetti or Fetticine Alfredo are staples in our house.

10. (The) Notebook - one of my favorite books/movies of all time. The book was great, the movie was great. Sad, but great. Check it out if my haven't already!

I tag everyone who reads this. Take the letter of the alphabet that corresponds with your birthday.

(Donna changed this. You are supposed to tag 10 people each with a different letter after yours but this was more fun!)

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(Also, please leave a comment here, so I know who is actually reading this and so I can read your tag!)

Monday, March 2, 2009

My New Car

Our newest addition to the ever changing car lot at our house is this beauty right here! This is my new (to me) 2006 Nissan XTerra. We've had it for a month now and I just love it more and more each time I drive it. We traded in our Chevy Blazer, and I do miss it sometimes, but not really that much... ;) We are now an all Nissan family, just as Bill would want it to be... I'm not too picky, but is was my first choice!