Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life Keeps Going On

Well, once again, it has been too long since I updated my blog. Jody at church told me she found my blog so I now know SOMEONE is out there reading things. Here's the updates on life:

KACIE: Kacie is no longer engaged, and I believe all the happier for it. Marriage is a big step and not to be taken lightly. I like having happy Kacie back around. If you want the story, just ask me some time. She is going to start at UVU in Nursing tomorrow (if she gets registered!) and moved into a new apartment on August 16th. She and her friend Jessica moved into a four bedroom apartment in Provo (almost Orem) and it seems like a great place. I know she likes having her own space and a huge closet! Bill and I went up to see it for the first time on Sunday. She's all settled in and excited to start something new in her life.

ZOEY: At our house, Zoey is the entertainment committee. Her newest trick is watching TV and jumping at the TV. She doesn't seem to be very particular in what she tries to attack, but my mom and dad say that her favorites as of lately are Underdog and Rattatoille, also anything that features animals of any kind. In my parents room, the TV sits up on a dresser and Zoey has learned how to "launch" herself off the dresser to get quite the distance. Whenever we hear the thumping coming from upstairs, Bill says the Zoey is getting in her daily calisthenics (sp?). My mom got a few pictures and short videos, I'll try and get them posted to Zoey's blog this weekend.

A HOME OF OUR OWN: Lately, I have been very interested in looking for houses. More and more I really just want a house, and space, of my own. It's mostly just dreaming at this point, as we can't afford very much, but I like dreaming. Hopefully this dream will become a reality soon. My goal is Spring of '09!

MY JOB: On August 4th, as many of you may have heard in the news, the State of Utah went to a 4/10's schedule, which includes me! It has been a hard adjustment having less time at home in the evenings, but having Friday to do this has been nice for the last three weeks. I work from home for a few hours each Friday, telecommuting, as the bus schedule doesn't allow me to physically be at work for 10 hours in a day, so the nice director of ORS allowed this flexibility to me. I love working in my pajamas! Too bad that's not really acceptable at work the rest of the week!

READING: I just finished The Host (after devouring Breaking Dawn!) and I was really happy that the ending was not a downer. If you liked the Twilight series and haven't tried The Host, read it! Stephanie Myers is a great author no matter the story. The Host was a little slow at first, but really picked up in the middle and then you just have to finish it to know how it all turns out. Of course, now I'm completely out of books to read, so I'm looking for suggestions!

CHURCH CALLINGS: I was released from Young Women's in July (just before Girl's Camp!) I thought I would have a breather for a while, but apparently that was not the case. First they asked if I wanted to play Piano for Primary, but I told them I couldn't do it without the proper practice I would need (and don't have time for). Next, they offered me the Sacrament Meeting Chorister, which is now my current calling. It seems to be okay so far, but I was looking forward to just going to church and being a participant and not a coordinator of sorts. At least it was something that comes naturally without any effort!

SUMMER: The summer is basically over now and out house shows it! It looks like we have done nothing but camp all summer. With the scouts going on a river run, then the Uinta Pack-In trip, then Girl's Camp.... we ate leftover all through July and the camping stuff has taken over! Of course, I didn't get to go to any of those things, so it brings me to my last thing....

VACATION: I'm getting very excited for our vaction that I am planning. Bill and I are going to Sea World at the end of September. I am looking forward to it as I have never been and this is our first real vacation together since we have been married. I'll write about it more when we are done!

Ok, so that about covers what I can think of at this point. I would promise to try and write more often, but I can't really keep that promise, as past-practice dictates! I really enjoy reading what is going on in all your lives more, so keep up the good work! (i.e. Kim and Leanne....)