Friday, May 9, 2008

Time Flys...

Well, as the title says, time flys by when you are having fun (or possibly just living life). After talking with my friend Kim, I think I have to get better at this blogging thing. Try to post more and be interesting.

So here's a start, a picture of our new car!

This is Bill's newest baby. In March, we traded in our Eclipse, bought this, and have made two whole payments on it. (Only 70 more to go!)
Also in March, my sister Kacie went to her Senior Prom. I just loved her dress! She made it modest and it was still gorgeous. She went with her friend Clint. They look a little "emo", but they had a lot of fun!

More things going on.... Bill turned 25 and seemed to have a quarter-life crisis (I guess that explains the new sporty car!) He just doesn't feel like he should be 25 yet, but who ever does?!
I "decorated" his cake with 25 cancles and the "2" and "5" candles. I'd post a picture of him with the cake, but one, he wouldn't like that and two, he didn't look happy that I took his picture anyway!

We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary in April. Hard to believe that is has been two years already! Hopefully in another year, we will be moving out of my parents' basement and into a house of our own. We are living there to save money and until Bill finds another job. He took the Post Office test a few weeks ago and did really well. We are still waiting to hear his results. In the meantime, Bill is working on getting into shape in order to reapply at the prison. Things are looking up and progressing everyday!

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Leanne said...

Wow sweet new ride, and a 25th birthday! (happy birthday)

I like her dress too, cute.