Monday, June 30, 2008

Tagged by Kim - "Two's"

Two Names I Go By: Lisa, Doll (my dad has called me this forever, and still does)
Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: Blue Sweater (it was laundry day two days ago and I didn't get to it), Black Slacks
Two Of Your Favorite Things To Do: Read, Play Lord of the Rings Online with my husband
Two Things You Want Very Badly At This Moment: To not be at work, to have a house of my own
Two Favorite Pets: Zoey, she's my only pet right now, but I also like Pava, who died when I was little
Two People Who Will Fill This Out: Kim (who already did) and Leanne (who started this)
Two Things You Did Last Night: Went swimming in my mom's pool, made Hamburger Helper for dinner.
Two Things You Ate Today: Crispix, Grilled Ham & Cheese (from Hires Big H)
Two Last People You Talked To: My husband, Co-worker - Trisha
Two Longest Car Rides: Mesquite (because of the heat), Logan (because it seems so far these days)
Two Favorite Vacations: Disneyland, LC Ranch
Two Favorite Drinks: Gatorade - Fruit Punch, Ice Water

People to Tag: Everyone did it already!

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