Monday, September 8, 2008

Being Sick Sucks... and other randomness

Well, from my title, you can see where this is going. Everyone at our house is sick or getting over being sick right now. A week and a half ago, my mom went to the doctor because she wasn't getting better and found out she had bronchitis. Not even four days later, I woke up with a sore throat, evolving into a cough and congestions, and ended up only working one day last week (with the holiday and our new four-day work-week, of course) . Bill woke up the very next day with a sore throat and is not over it still. I'm feeling better, so I am back to work today, although unwillingly.... My dad is sick as well, but thankfully the doctor told me that all I had, and probably my dad and Bill, was a head cold... "Take sudafed and drink plenty of fluids"... waste of $20! Kacie came to visit on Sunday and counted herself lucky that she didn't live in our house anymore.... lucky her!

Anyway, aside from the plague, we haven't done much. We didn check out the carnival at Payson Onion Days one night, but Bill realized how much of a small town we live in and didn't want to do much. I bought a funnel cake and that was about it, before the rains started!

Most of the last two weeks, Bill and I have spent playing our newest favorite online game, "Lord of the Rings Online." This is a guilty pleasure of mine right now. It's an online world, based on the books/movies where you get to explore and complete tasks, etc. I like the escape it brings from my everyday life. Bill and play this a lot together. Bill has played it for quite a while, but wanted us to play together, so we are now kind of a geeky couple that has two full computers setup in our small bedroom in my parents' basement. Mock if you will, but it does give us something to do together, and that is the highest benefit.

Lastly and certainly not least, I have to put out my thoughts after reading my friend Kim's blog. I was very sad to hear about her youngest, Beefy, falling through a window and ending up at the hospital. Of course, I hear about this many days later since I didn't read her blog the whole time I was home sick. If you want the details, read her blog, but I want to put out there that our prayers are with him and Kim and Trent and Buggy and I hope that Beefy will continue to improve. Get Better Soon, Beefy! Everyone here in Utah is rooting for you!

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Leanne said...

Hey, you know what? You do what you like, and if makes you guys happy...kudos to you!!

I was so sad to hear about Beefy too! I have one the same age and I just don't know how I would handle it. Kim is a strong woman!