Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Challenge

Well, the newest news in life is that Bill is diabetic.

His mom thought he might be a couple weekends ago and tested his blood sugar and is was at 353 that Sunday. He watched his carb intake for the next 24-hours and we tested it again and it had dropped to about 240, so we guessed he should be able to regulate it with diet and exercise.

We went to the doctor on Friday for some official tests and still don't have the results, but the doctor agreed that with levels like that he more than likely is, since his Mom is and his Grandpa was. Bill has been eating Low-Carb for a week now and keeps his levels around 120-150, which is so much better. The doctor said he wouldn't need any type of medication now, but would possibly need something later on in life.

Bill has been handling it well and learning what he can and can't eat. He was most excited to learn that he won't have to give up his favorite food in the world... cheeseburgers. Just has to lay off the fries. I have seen him eat more salad in the last week than in the last three years that I have known him! Since he has been good about it, I haven't had to worry too much, but of course only time will tell how things will go in the long run. Everyone would get sick of not eating all the sugary goodnesses this life has to offer if it was forever and not just short term! Of anyone has some good tips on low-carb foods, let me know!

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