Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alphabet Tag

Here's how you play... Donna (a friend from year's back) tagged me with the letter "N". So now I have to list 10 things I love that start with that letter. So here it goes…...

1. Neon - as in Dodge Neon, my first car. It was a great little car, until my sister killed it!

2. New York - this is where my husband is from and where I hope to get to visit some day.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas - One of our favorite movies from my childhood. Kind of creepy, but the music was great!

4. Night - I love the night, usually I have to sleep through it, but on the weekends we stay up late playing video games.

5. Notes - as in music notes. I love music! Listening to it, playing it.... it has been a big part of my life now and forever.

6. Nerds - I am a nerd... just ask my husband! I was always the brain in school and not one of the popular kid. My friend and I used to compete over who had the higher percentage "A" grade! Also, lets not forget the ever popular candy... one of my favorites to this day!

7. Nuts - my favorites are peanuts, cashews, and macadamias.

8. Nissan - this one is for my husband. He is a fan of all cars Nissan and we now own only Nissans in our family (see previous post).

9. Noodles - since I met my husband, we have had more pasta (noodles) then I had in my whole life before he came along. Spaghetti or Fetticine Alfredo are staples in our house.

10. (The) Notebook - one of my favorite books/movies of all time. The book was great, the movie was great. Sad, but great. Check it out if my haven't already!

I tag everyone who reads this. Take the letter of the alphabet that corresponds with your birthday.

(Donna changed this. You are supposed to tag 10 people each with a different letter after yours but this was more fun!)

1st - A 2nd - B 3rd - C 4th - D 5th - E 6th - F 7th - G 8th - H9th - I 10th - J 11th - K 12th - L 13th - M 14th - N 15th - O 16th - P17th - Q 18th - R 19th - S 20th - T 21st - U 22nd - V 23rd - W 24th - X25th - Y 26th - Z ..... 27th - A 28th - B 29th - C 30th - D 31st - E

(Also, please leave a comment here, so I know who is actually reading this and so I can read your tag!)

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