Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Goal... Get Healthy!

So, my new goal is to eat better and get into shape.  This will inevitably help me to lose weight, but I really want to just feel like I can do strenuous things and not kill myself doing them!  I am hoping that by posting this in a public forum, I will make myself more accountable to this new goal and keep it up.  This picture here is the highest I have ever been and it really depressed me to see these pictures (which my friend Leah took for us, and they look awesome, as a whole!)  Thanks to myfitnesspal and logging my intake and exercise, I am currently down to 221 lbs, as of today, and hopefully will not lose momentum.  I will post some milestones as they come.  Here we go!

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jenfra said...

Hope it is still going well! Love and miss you!