Thursday, October 4, 2007

This is Me! (Bridal Picture March 2006)

This is me! Lisa Marie Tarbox.... I loved making a blog for my puppy, Zoey, and thought I would start sort of an online journal/blog of my own. I don't take nearly as many pictures of myself and my life, but I do like to get my thoughts out and this just might be the way to do it. So, enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

My name is Jeffery Terwilliger and I live in Waverly, Ny and have just started looking into my ancestors and family history. I came upon your email on Family when I started looking into Robert Terwilligers wife Arville and hope it's ok to contact you. I know very little having just started on this project. Yesterday I found the graves of Robert Terwilliger 1834-1876 and Arville his wife 1845-1883 in Straights Corners graveyard. These folks are my great-great grandparents I think and I'm trying to find any info concerning them. Your name appeared to be associated with Arville, Roberts wife and I'm trying to find her parents names and any info concerning her or them.

I will gladly share any info I come up with if you could shine any light my way that you may have uncovered. As I said I found the graves of several Terwilligers including baby Earl Terwilliger 12/1890- 9/1891 ; Ida died Feb. 1 1883 at age 22 ; Mary M 1st wife of Robert? died Jun. 1865; and Robert and Arville. I plan on going back to do rubbings of their stones because they are in bad shape and hard to read. If you like I can fill you in on what I find. On that note the info I've given is preliminary by best having to best decipher what's on the stones.

How do you fit in this story and I think I've seen the Tarbox name in local racing? I helped re-build Chemung Speedrome and was an official there some time ago.

Let me know what you think when you can,
Jeff Terwilliger
son of Donald J and Mary M