Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Google Image Tag

Here's how it works: answer 15 questions about yourself and then do a Google Image Search for those things. Post the pictures you find by your answers.

My Bad Habit: Popping/cracking my knuckles.

My First Job: Data Entry

Where I Attended College: Utah State University (had to find a snowy picture....)

My Current Employer: State of Utah, Office of Recovery Services

My Favorite Food: Potatoes... served any way... mashed with gravy is probably my favorite.

My Favorite Animal: Dogs, especially cute pugs, like mine!

My Favorite Color: Navy Blue - color at my wedding, Aggie blue... etc.

Where I Was Born: Payson, Utah

Where I Met My Spouse: Yahoo Personals... yes, we met online first.

My Last Name: Tarbox

My Age: 25

My Nickname: Frogger, my dad has called me this since I was little, but no relation to the game .

Place I would Love Visit: Ireland

My Favorite Place in Utah: LC Ranch - This is where we spent our Honeymoon and two of our three anniversaries since!

My Favorite Thing: Spending time doing things with my husband like playing Lord of the Rings Online together.

I would tag Kim, but with a new baby and all, that just wouldn't be right... so do this one if you read mine! (and please leave a comment, so I can read yours too...)


Kim said...

Thanks, I can barely keep up with regular posts, let alone tags too.

Misty said...

Hi, Lisa! Of course I remember you! Thanks for the cute comment on my's been good to blogstalk you back! :) Love your puppy! She's adorable!

Leanne said...

that was fun, but I don't think I can do it either!